Ariens_Compact 120V Blowers

Ariens_Compact 120V Blowers

Auger And Impeller – 24″

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1428700Flange, Bearing
23835551Impeller, Compact 12In. 3-Blade
353213200Rake, Lh 24In. - Service W/ Zerk
453213100Rake, Rh 24In. - Service W/ Zerk
5268901Pulley, Spin Form Single Groove
6268951Pulley, Spin Form Single Groove
71014200Flange, Bearing
853200500Shear Bolt With Nut (Includes Item 17)
95406300BRG-Ball .750X1.750X.50
105500103BSHG, Rake Shaft .75In.
115500109BSHG, Flg Split Nyliner .75In. Id
127061300Zerk, Fitting .25X.125 Drive In
135947300Blt-Hex .31-24X.75 Gr5 YWCC
146307400Wshr-Lk .31X.097 Hvy YWCC
156529700Nut-Lk-Ctr .25-20 YWCC
165803700Pin-Roll .250X1.75
177411500Scr-Tap .31-18X.50 Hwh Tr YWC
187400034Scr-Tap .25-20X.50 Hwh Tr YWC

Brake And Idlers

IDParts NumberParts DeSCRiptionNotesPurchase
1493667Traction Idler Arm
24892167WLDMT, Attachment Idler Arm
37338500Idler, Flat - 1.875In.
47338900Idler, Flat - 2.00In.
5180500Pad, Brake
6495051BRKT, Mount - Idler Arm
7495251BRKT, Brake Mount
852000500Arm, Brake W/Pad
91987100Arm, Clutch - Attachment
105500026Bushing, Polyliner - .50 Split
115500820Bushing, Sleeve
125500106BSHG, Slv .385 X .500 X 1.045
135500107BSHG, Slv .510 X .751 X .475
145717600RG-RTNG-Ext .250 X .010
156400005WSHR, Wave .50X.75X.015 .13Frht
168300104SPRG, Extension
178300326SPRG, Torsion
196200124Blt-Rdhdsqshnk .31-18X1.125 G5YWZC
205952400Blt-Hex .31-18X1.50 Gr5 YWZC
215958500Blt-Hex .38-16X1.75 Gr5 YWZC
226500011@Nut-Lk-Ctr-Jam .31-18 Ywzc
236542000Nut, Lk-Top-Flg .38-16 YWZC
24550111BSHG, Flg .315X.500X.
257400034SCR-Tap .25-20X.50 Hwh Tr YWZ
276436200WSHR-Fl-Stl.406X.812X.065 YWZ
286800028Rvt-Pop .187X.250 (#64) YWZC | (#64) YWZC

Controls – 24″

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
14316651Wldmt, Brkt - Interlock
24317751Wldmt, Detent Plate-Compact
34846700Lever, Control - Shift (Weldment) | (Shift)
4386700Pivot, Shift Rod .375-16 | (Trunn)
54322700BSHG, Crank - Chute
64334967Rod, Shift Upper
74425767Rod, Shift - Lower (Black) | (Black)
86713500Pin, Hair Int .08X.18X1.18 YWZC
97500224Knob, Soft Teardrop, Push-On Blk
108335700SPRG, Compression
116219900BLT-Rdhdsqnk .25-20X.75 G5 YWZC
125963300BLT-Hex .38-16X2.00 Gr5 YWZC
136500710Nut, Lk-Ctr-Flg .25-20 YWZC
146542000Nut, Lk-Top-Flg .38-16 YWZC
156444000WSHR-Fl-Stl .406X1.00X.188 YWZC
164333100Anchor, Deflector Cable
175501012BSHG, Slv - .265X.500X.219
186701900Pin-Hair Int .06X.18X.77
197500209Knob, Soft Teardrop, Push-On Gry
208335700SPRG, Compression
215963300BLT-Hex .38-16X2.00 Gr5 YWZC
226542000Nut, Lk-Top-Flg .38-16 YWZC
237400034SCR-Tap .25-20X.50 Hwh Tr YWZ
246439300WSHR-Fl-Stl .380X1.50X.062 YWZ
254317300Wldmt, Control Lever | (Defl)


IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
11554900Hole Plug, Plastic .56 Hole
252004100Panel, Control - With Decal
34305000Dash, Bezel Ariens Logo - Small
44812300Asm, Headlamp - Halogen 20W - 2 Shot
56200207BLT, Rdhd Xlsqnk .31-18X2.0 G5Yz
66220100BLT, Rdhdxlsqnk .25-20X1.25 G5Yz
76220600BLT-Rdhdsqnk .25-20X.50 G5 Y
86529800Nut-Lk-Ctr .31-18 YWZC
96543500Nut, Lk-Top-Flg .25-20 YWZC
107400107SCR-Tap #10X.500 Boss Indhxhd
117400034SCR-Tap .25-20X.50 Hwh Tr Ywz

Decals – 24″

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
18000334Decal, Compact 24
28000519Decal, Danger -Rotating Parts
38000520Decal, Danger
4Decal, Housing - Compact 24
58000712Decal, Control Panel

Discharge Chute – 24″

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1170100Hinge, Cap
24092759Chute, Compact - Tall W/Remote
34092859Cap, Compact W/Remote
4389000Rod, Deflector Cap
5628500Seal, Cap - 5.25
63889400Baffle, Compact Discharge
74115359BRKT, Cable Anchor
85500028BSHG, Polyliner - .50 Snap-In
95501012BSHG, Slv - .265X.500X.219
106426600WSHR-Fl-Stl, .281X1.000X.063
116900508Cable, Deflector - Compact
128300013SPRG, Compression
136543500Nut, Lk-Top-Flg .25-20 YWZC
146400003WSHR-Fl-Stl .196X.500X.06 YWZC
156800028Rvt-Pop .187X.250 (#64) Ywzc | (#64) YWZC
1652002900Discharge Chute W/ Cap And Decal | Service Part

Discharge Chute Controls – 24″

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
13883751Chute, Pedestal Tall Compact
252006400Compac Cover W/Shear Bolts Kit
3398000Plate, Friction
41123800Washer, Friction
51972400BRKT, Pinion Gear
63222900Gear, Chute
73224300Nut, Push - .625
83735300Gear, Pinion - Chute
94338000Rod, Chute Crank, Comp&Snotek
105500021BSHG, Polyliner - .63 Snap-In
116714500Pin, Spring Clip
127500203Knob, Chute Crank
138320900SPRG, Compression
146224400BLT-Rdhdsqnk .38-16X2.50 G5 Y
155958500BLT-Hex .38-16X1.75 Gr5 YWZC
166308800Wshr-Lk .38X.094 Reg YWZC
176542000Nut, Lk-Top-Flg .38-16 YWZC
187400034SCR-Tap .25-20X.50 Hwh Tr YWZ
196400917WSHR-Fl-Stl .406X1.25X.10 YWZC
206400009WSHR-Thrst .625X1.00X.03
214451600Clip, Cable Guide
2252000100Pinion Gear W/ Bracket | Service Part

Electrical And Wiring diagram

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
14812300Headlight Assembly | (Includes Item 2)
2432600Bult, Light-Halogen | (Included In Item 1)
34337300Wire Harness, Light

Engine 08200807

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
120001218Cylinder Head Assembly - 208cc (incl. Gasket) | (incl. Gasket)
220001362Push Rod & Plate Kit (W/GASKT) | (208cc)(incl. valve cover gskt)
320001264Valve Cover (208cc) (incl. Gasket) | (208cc) (incl. Gasket)
520001222Piston & Rod Assembly (208cc) | (208cc)
620001223Connecting Rod Assembly (208cc) | (208cc)
720001224Camshaft - MCR (208cc) | (208cc)
820001040Flywheel - Electric Start (6-charging magnets) (208cc) | (6-charging magnets) (208cc)
920001248Coollng Fan - Flywheel (Plastic - 208cc) | (Plastic - 208cc)
1020001072Crankshaft (#18 Keyed 208cc Snow) | (#18 Keyed 208cc Snow)
1320001016Muffler Assembly-Gen II Snow (208cc) | (208cc)
1420001028Fuel Tank (2.7L, Glossy Black)(208cc Snow)(order decal kit separate) | (2.7L, Glossy Black)(208cc Snow)(order decal kit separate)
1520001436Fuel Tank On/Off Valve
167500112Fuel Tank Cap - Black Cllck Style (Vented) | (Vented)
1720001368Carburetor | (L10-1) (GEN II Snow 208cc- w/gskts & spacer)
1820001042Ignition Coil (CDI) (208/254cc)(Standard) | (CDI) (208/254cc)(Standard)
2020001113Spark Plug - Platinum
2120001033On/Off Switch - Rocker
2220001226Shield - Flywheel (Electric 208cc) | (Electric 208cc)
2320001252Fuel Hose Kit (1/4'' ID x 318mm - SS Snow) | (1/4 ID - 230mm - CAR - w/clamps)
2420001080Speed Control Bracket (Fixed) | (Fixed)
2520001236Governor Gear Assembly (136/208cc) | (136/208cc)
2620001237Governor Arm & Link Kit (208cc Snow - 3600 Fixed RPM) | (208cc Snow - 3600 Fixed RPM)
2720001238Governor Arm Paddle
2820001054Recoil Starter (Round Style-Black) 136/208cc GEN II Snow | (Round Style-Black) 136/208cc GEN II Snow
2920001056Starter Cup (use with Round Style Starter) (208cc Snow) | (use with Round Style Starter) (208cc Snow)
3020001173Blower Housing (Gloss Black)(254cc Snow w/Front Drain)(order decal kit separate) | (Gloss Black)(254cc Snow w/Front Drain)(order decal kit separate)
3120001241Crankcase Cover Assy (Press-In Type HOFT)(incl. gasket) (SN >1265H0519257) | (Press-In Type HOFT)(incl. gasket) (SN >1265H0519257)
3220001247Oil Seal Kit (2 Pcs for 3/4-inch crankshaft) | (2 Pcs for 3/4-inch crankshaft)
3420001158Spark Plug Boot - with metal shield (Snow) | (Snow)
3520001045120V Electric Starter Converson Kit | (208/254cc Gen ll) (mounting bolts on side of block)
3520001428Electric Starter Socket Cap | (Not Shown)
3520001103Starter Switch Screws
3620001249Engine Gasket Kit (208cc) | (208cc)
3820001221Rocker Arm Kit (208cc)(incl. gasket) | (208cc)(incl. gasket)
3920001145Choke Control Knob (GEN II Red) | (GEN II Red)
4020001243Non-Removable Plastic Plug (136/208/254cc) | (136/208/254cc)
4320001251Breather Tube (136/208/254cc) | (136/208/254cc)
4720001071High Oil-Fill Tube/Dipstick (Press-In Type) (SN >1265H0519257) | (Press-In Type) (SN >1265H0519257)
4820001013Wire Harness (208cc Snow) | (208cc Snow)
4920001255Oil Drain Plug w/washer (136/208/254cc) | (136/208/254cc)
5020001009Heater Box (Gloss Black)(208cc 2-stage)(order decal kit separate) | (Gloss Black)(208cc 2-stage)(order decal kit separate)
5120001062Cylinder Shield (208cc Snow) | (208cc Snow)
5320001031Safety Key Switch (w/ keys) | (w/ keys)
547500111Key Set - Red (2) (Snow) | (2) (Snow)
5520001177Front Oil Drain Pipe & Nut Assy
5620001176Carburetor Vapor Shield (254ccSnow) | (254ccSnow)
5820001051Shield - Governor Linkage - 208cc Snow
5920001010Fuel Tank Skirt (Gloss Black-208cc GENII)(order decal kit separate) | (Gloss Black-208cc GENII)(order decal kit separate)
6020001039Charging Coil (60-watt AC) (208/254cc) | (60-watt AC) (208/254cc)
6120001148Fuel Control Knob (GEN II Snow - Red) | (GEN II Snow - Red)
6220001064Starter Grip-Snow (Deluxe) | (Deluxe)
6520001220Tappet Kit (208/254cc)(Set of 2) | (208/254cc)(Set of 2)
6920001024Carburetor Studs & Coupllng Kit-Snow
7020001441Carburetor Repair Kit| (136/208/254cc)
7220001182Ariens 208 Snow Decal Kit
7420001019Muffler Heat Shield Cover (Black)(136/208/254cc) | (Black)(136/208/254cc)
7720001186Recoil Bolt Kit (incl. (3) mtg bolts) | (incl. (3) mtg bolts)
7920001081Carburetor Cover (136/208/254cc Snow) | (136/208/254cc Snow)
8020001052Top Shield (w/plastic wire clip) | (w/plastic wire clip)
8120001333Woodruff Flywheel Keys (5-pack) (5x6x18mm) | (5-pack) (5x6x18mm)
8220001330Carburetor Spacer (208/254cc) | (208/254cc)
8520001342Fuel Tank Strainer
8620001358Cylinder Head Bolt Kit (4) (136-179-208-254cc) | (4) (136-179-208-254cc)
8720001354CC Cover Bolt Kit (6) (179-208-254cc) | (6) (179-208-254cc)
8820001353Muffler Mtg Stud Kit (2) | (2)
9120001417Crankshaft Gasket Kit 179-208cc
999920001345High Altitude Jet (>5,000 feet)(208cc L10-1 Carburetor) | (>5,000 feet)(208cc L10-1 Carburetor)
999920001438Shroud Hardware Kit | (4 M6X10 FLG BLT)

Frame And Engine

IDParts NumberParts DeSCRiptionNotesPurchase
13880851Baffle, Engine ,Small Block
23881000Cover, Compact Belt
34561800Finger, Belt
44334100Strap, Engine Bolt-WLDMT
54414000Sheave, Traction
64498800Sheave, Auger 3/4In. Pm
75958600BLT-Hex .38-24X2.00 YWZC Gr5
85947300BLT-Hex .31-24X.75 Gr5 YWZC
96307400WSHR-Lk .31X.097 Hvy YWZC
116529200Nut-Hex .31-18 YWZC
126606100Key-Sq .188X.188X.750
136800028Rvt-Pop .187X.250 (#64) YWZC | (#64) YWZC
147200725V-Belt, Ha - Raw Edge Laminated
157200603V-Belt, 3L-Wrapped Clutching
167400108SCR, Tap .25-20 X.5 Captive
178201025Engine, Ax208 Gen2 120V/60W | (Serial Range 128000 And Up For Model 920013)
178200712Engine, Ax 208 120V | (Serial Range 123000 - 125999 For Model 920013)
178200807Ax 208Cc 120V | (Serial Range 126000 - 127999 For Model 920013)
18657059Frame Brkt
194393859WLDMT, Frame
20492359Cover, Bottom
215900019BLT-Hex .25-20X.75 Hwh YWZC Gr5
226212200BLT-Rhdssqnk .31-18X.62 G5Yz
236543100Nut, Lk-Top-Flg .312-18 YWZC
247009000Nut, RTNR .25-20 X .56

Friction Drive

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1383100Carrier, Drive Disk
2656951Shift Fork
352105000Plate, Swing-Assembly
44743700Disc- Friction
5373051BRKT, Cable Pulley
6383000Flange, Brg
7493900Gear, 7T Pinion
83374500BSHG, Support - Swing Gate
94149500Shaft, Hex W/Spline
105435200BRG-Ball .437X1.375X.437
115500026Bushing, Polyliner - .50 Split
125500028BSHG, Polyliner - .50 Snap-In
135500113SPCR, Swing Gate
156439200WSHR-Fl-Stl .505X1.00X.062 YWZC
176500710Nut, Lk-Ctr-Flg .25-20 YWZC
186713500Pin, Hair Int .08X.18X1.18 YWZC
196714500Pin, Spring Clip
206900505Cable, Lower Traction (Deluxe) | (Deluxe)
216944800Clip, Spring
227000021Bolt, Shldr -.375 X .375 X .25-20
237300012Pulley, Cable
247411500Screw, Tapping Hex Washer Head Thread Rolling .31-18 X .50
257400034SCR-Tap .25-20X.50 Hwh Tr Ywz
267400111SCR-Tap .25-20X.75 Hwh Tr Ywz
278300036SPRG, Extension

Gear Case – 24″

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
152003400Worm, Gear
2263000Shaft, Rake - 24In. | (.750 Dia)
34276800Gear, Case Compact Machined
44277000Thrust, Collar .75In. Id Slipfit
54280251Cover, Top Compact Iron
64282400GSKT, Top Compact Gearcase
74302800Cover, Gear Case 1.50In.
84323600BSHG, Retainer Compact
952003400Shaft, Worm - Compact
105501020BSHG, Flg .755 X .878 X .75 X 1.25
115501106BSHG, Flanged .755X.878X.424X1.25
125501108BSHG, Flanged .503X1.303X.62X1.465
135600508Seal, Oil .748 X 1.300 X .250
145600509Seal, Oil .748 X 1.125 X .312
155600509Seal, Oil
165700212RG-RTNG-Int 1.500X.050
175800207Pin, Str .188 X 1.00 6150
185901509Bolt, Sems - .31-18X.50 Gr5 YWZC
196400912WSHR-Fl-Stl, .760 X 1.225 X .032 YZ
206400920Washer-Flat-Stl, Seal
216609300Key, WDRF .19X.63 Hrd #61
227400110@, Scr -Rolok .38-16X.50 Hwh Ywzc
235501107BSHG, Flanged Compact, Right
2452004400Gear Case Assembly | Service Part: Includes All Items On Page
2568800L3 8Oz | (8 Oz. Bottle) Service Part


IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1597451Handlebar, Lower Compact
24310100Block, Clutch Handle
34310451Lever, Clutch-Lh
44310551Lever, Clutch-Rh
54320400Brkt, Interlock Arm
64320500Rod, Pivot - Interlock
74321500Rod, Paddle Mount - Long
84321600Rod, Paddle Mount - Short
94322100Cam, Interlock
105500020Bshg, Polyliner-.38 Snapin
116209300BLT, Rdhdxlsqnk .25-20X2.0 G5Yz
126221600BLT-Rdhdsqnk .31-18X2.25 G5 Y
136437300WSHR-Fl-Stl.281X.62X.065 YWZC
146543500Nut, Lk-Top-Flg .25-20 YWZC
156545400Nut-Lk-Nyl-Flg .31-18 YWZC
166701900Pin-Hair Int .06X.18X.77
176714500Pin, Spring Clip
186900438Cable, Auger & Upper Traction
197028500BLT-Serhfwh .38-16X.75 YWZC
207400034SCR-Tap .25-20X.50 Hwh Tr YWZ
217500005SPCR, Handlebar
227500103Edging, Clutch Paddle - 2.00In.
237500211Clutch Paddle Sleeve
247500239Grip, Handle
258300527SPRG, Extension
268337000SPRG, Extension
274318351Handlebar, Upper - RH
284318451Handlebar, Upper - LH

Housing – 24″

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1170200Device, Snow Clean Out
2170300Mount, Snow Clean Out
32483859Shoe, Skid - Reversible
43884459Blade, SCR -24In. Compact
56200004BLT-Rhdssqnk .38-16X.75 G5Yz
66200209Bolt, Scraper Blade
76435700Wshr-Fl-Stl.38X.875X.083 YWZC
86529600Nut-Lk-Ctr .38-16 YWZC
96543100Nut, Lk-Top-Flg .312-18 YWZC
106800028Rvt-Pop .187X.250 (#64) YWZC | (#64) YWZC
117001612Nut, Threaded Insert .38-16
127411500SCR-Tap .31-18X.50 Hwh Tr YWZ
1352002600Housing, Blower - 22In. With Decal

Wheels and Axles – 24″

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1657800Spur, Gear 54T .75Id X 6.75Pd
23881800Axle, Compact 920 Xxx 15In. Tire
35500101BSHG, .75 X 1.25 X .65
45500140BSHG, Slv .766X1.125X.500
55500917BSHG, Slv .75 X 1.12 X 1.062 X Nyl Bk
66601200Key, WDRF .25X.750X.313 Sae91
77053700Pin, Lock .31X1.75
87101123Tire/Wheel-Rh 15X5.00-6 Pin T2
97101124Tire/Wheel-Lh 15X5.00-6 Pin T2
105800300Pin-Roll .188X1.25
117400034SCR-Tap .25-20X.50 Hwh Tr YWZ
126441400WSHR-Fl-Stl .754X1.125X.062 YWZC
137156400Tube | Service Part
147100726Tire 15 X 5.00-6 K478 | Service Part