Ariens_Compact 24 CE Blowers

Ariens_Compact 24 CE Blowers

Auger And Impeller – 24 Inch

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1268901Pulley, Spin Form Single Groove
2268951Pulley, Spin Form Single Groove
3428700Flange, Bearing
41014200Flange, Bearing
553200500Shear Bolt With Nut (Includes Item 17)
63835551Impeller, Compact 12In. 3-Blade
75406300BRG-Ball .750X1.750X.50
85500103BSHG, Rake Shaft .75In.
95500109BSHG, Flg Split Nyliner .75In. Id
105803700Pin-Roll .250X1.75
115947300Blt-Hex .31-24X.75 Gr5 YWZC
126307400WSHR-Lk .31X.097 Hvy YWZC
146529700Nut-Lk-Ctr .25-20 YWZC
157061300Zerk, Fitting .25X.125 Drive In
167400034Scr-Tap .25-20X.50 Hwh Tr Ywz
177411500Scr-Tap .31-18X.50 Hwh Tr Ywz
1853213100Rake, Rh 24In. - Service W/ Zerk
1953213200Rake, Lh 24In. - Service W/ Zerk

Brake And Idlers

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1180500Pad, Brake
2493667Traction Idler Arm
3495051BRKT, Mount - Idler Arm
44892167Wldmt, Attachment Idler Arm
5495251BRKT, Brake Mount
61987100Arm, Clutch - Attachment
75500026Bushing, Polyliner - .50 Split
85500820Bushing, Sleeve
95500106BSHG, Slv .385 X .500 X 1.045
105500107BSHG, Slv .510 X .751 X .475
115501115BSHG, Flg .315X.500X.358X.281
125717600RG-RTNG-Ext .250 X .010
135957400Blt-Hex .31-18X1.75 Gr5 YWZC
145958500Blt-Hex .38-16X1.75 Gr5 YWZC
156200124Blt-Rdhdsqshnk .31-18X1.125 G5YWZC
166400005WSHR, Wave .50X.75X.015 .13Frht
176436200WSHR-Fl-Stl.406X.812X.065 YWZ
196500011@Nut-Lk-Ctr-Jam .31-18 Ywzc
206542000Nut, Lk-Top-Flg .38-16 YWZC
216800028Rvt-Pop .187X.250 (#64) Ywzc | (#64) YWZC
227338900Idler, Flat - 2.00In.
237400034SCR-Tap .25-20X.50 Hwh Tr YWZ
248300104SPRG, Extension
258300326SPRG, Torsion
2752000500Arm, Brake W/Pad
287338500Idler, Flat - 1.875In.
295501114BSHG, Flg .315X.500X.481X.281


IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1386700Pivot, Shift Rod .375-16 | (Trunn)
24316651WLDMT, Brkt - Interlock
34317300WLDMT, Control Lever | (Defl)
44317751WLDMT, Detent Plate-Compact
54846700Lever, Control - Shift (Weldment) | (Weldment)
64322700BSHG, Crank - Chute
74333100Anchor, Deflector Cable
84334967Rod, Shift Upper
94425767Rod, Shift - Lower | (Black)
105501012BSHG, Slv - .265X.500X.219
115963300BLT-Hex .38-16X2.00 Gr5 YWZC
126219900BLT-Rdhdsqnk .25-20X.75 G5 YWZC
136439300WSHR-Fl-Stl .380X1.50X.062 YWZ
146444000WSHR-Fl-Stl .406X1.00X.188 YWZC
156500710Nut, Lk-Ctr-Flg .25-20 YWZC
166542000Nut, Lk-Top-Flg .38-16 YWZC
176701900Pin-Hair Int .06X.18X.77
186713500Pin, Hair Int .08X.18X1.18 YWZC
197400034SCR-Tap .25-20X.50 Hwh Tr YWZ
207500209Knob, Soft Teardrop, Push-On Gry
218335700SPRG, Compression


IDParts NumberParts DeSCRiptionNotesPurchase
11554900Hole Plug, Plastic .56 Hole
24305000Dash, Bezel Ariens Logo - Small
34812300Asm, Headlamp - Halogen 20W - 2 Shot
46200207BLT, Rdhd Xlsqnk .31-18X2.0 G5Yz
56220100BLT, Rdhdxlsqnk .25-20X1.25 G5Yz
66220600BLT-Rdhdsqnk .25-20X.50 G5 Y
76529800Nut-Lk-Ctr .31-18 YWZC
86543500Nut, Lk-Top-Flg .25-20 YWZC
97400034SCR-Tap .25-20X.50 Hwh Tr YWZ
107400107SCR-Tap #10X.500 Boss Indhxhd
1152004300Panel, Control - With Decal


IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
18000334Decal, Compact 24
28000519Decal, Danger -Rotating Parts
38000520Decal, Danger
4Decal, Housing - Compact 24
58000712Decal, Control Panel

Discharge Chute

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1170100Hinge, Cap
24092759Chute, Compact - Tall W/Remote
252002900Discharge Chute W/ Cap And Decal | Service Part
34092859Cap, Compact W/Remote
4389000Rod, Deflector Cap
5628500Seal, Cap - 5.25
63889400Baffle, Compact Discharge
74115359BRKT, Cable Anchor
85500028BSHG, Polyliner - .50 Snap-In
95501012BSHG, Slv - .265X.500X.219
106400003WSHR-Fl-Stl .196X.500X.06 YWZC
116426600WSHR-Fl-Stl, .281X1.000X.063
126543500Nut, Lk-Top-Flg .25-20 YWZC
136800028Rvt-Pop .187X.250 (#64) YWZC | (#64) YWZC
146900508Cable, Deflector - Compact
158300013SPRG, Compression

Discharge Chute Controls

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1398000Plate, Friction
21123800Washer, Friction
31972451BRKT, Pinion Gear
43222900Gear, Chute
53224300Nut, Push - .625
63735300Gear, Pinion - Chute
652000100Pinion Gear W/ Bracket | Service Part
73883751Chute, Pedestal Tall Compact
84338000Rod, Chute Crank, Comp&Snotek
952006400Compac Cover W/Shear Bolts Kit
953200500Shear Bolt W/ Nut | Service Part
105500021BSHG, Polyliner - .63 Snap-In
115958500BLT-Hex .38-16X1.75 Gr5 YWZC
126224400BLT-Rdhdsqnk .38-16X2.50 G5 Y
136308800WSHR-Lk .38X.094 Reg YWZC
146400009WSHR-Thrst .625X1.00X.03
156400917WSHR-Fl-Stl .406X1.25X.10 YWZC
166542000Nut, Lk-Top-Flg .38-16 YWZC
176714500Pin, Spring Clip
187400034SCR-Tap .25-20X.50 Hwh Tr YWZ
197500203Knob, Chute Crank
208320900SPRG, Compression
214451600Clip, Cable Guide
227400104SCR, Tap .25-20X.50 Lghwh Tr

Electrical And Wiring Diagram

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
14812300Headlight Assembly | (Includes Item 2)
2432600Bult, Light-Halogen | (Included In Item 1)
34337300Wire Harness, Light

Frame And Engine

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1657059Frame Brkt
24334100Strap, Engine Bolt-Wldmt
34393859Wldmt, Frame
4492359Cover, Bottom
53880851Baffle, Engine ,Small Block
63881000Cover, Compact Belt
74414000Sheave, Traction
84498800Sheave, Auger 3/4In. Pm
94561800Finger, Belt
105900019BLT-Hex .25-20X.75 Hwh YWZC Gr5
115947300BLT-Hex .31-24X.75 Gr5 YWZC
125958600BLT-Hex .38-24X2.00 YWZC Gr5
136212200BLT-Rhdssqnk .31-18X.62 G5Yz
146307400WSHR-Lk .31X.097 Hvy YWZC
166529200Nut-Hex .31-18 YWZC
176543100Nut, Lk-Top-Flg .312-18 YWZC
186308800WSHR-Lk .38X.094 Reg YWZC
196800028Rvt-Pop .187X.250 (#64) YWZC | (#64) YWZC
207009000Nut, Rtnr .25-20 X .56
217200725V-Belt, Ha - Raw Edge Laminated
227200603V-Belt, 3L-Wrapped Clutching
237400108SCR, Tap .25-20 X.5 Captive
247500102Plug, Hole - 1.00In.
258200922Engine, Ax208 Gen2 240V/60W
2521547400Spark Plug | Service Part
257500112Fuel Cap | Service Part
257500111Push/Pull Key | Service Part

Friction Drive

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
14743700Disc- Friction
2373051BRKT, Cable Pulley
3383000Flange, Brg
4383100Carrier, Drive Disk
5493900Gear, 7T Pinion
6656951Shift Fork
75435200BRG-Ball .437X1.375X.437
84149500Shaft, Hex W/Spline
93374500BSHG, Support - Swing Gate
105500026Bushing, Polyliner - .50 Split
115500028Bshg, Polyliner - .50 Snap-In
125500113SPCR, Swing Gate
146439200WSHR-Fl-Stl .505X1.00X.062 YWZC
166500710Nut, Lk-Ctr-Flg .25-20 YWZC
176713500Pin, Hair Int .08X.18X1.18 YWZC
186714500Pin, Spring Clip
196900504Cable, Lower Traction | (Cmpct)
206944800Clip, Spring
217000021Bolt, Shldr -.375 X .375 X .25-20
227300012Pulley, Cable
237400034SCR-Tap .25-20X.50 Hwh Tr Ywz
247400111SCR-Tap .25-20X.75 Hwh Tr Ywz
257411500SCR-Tap .31-18X.50 Hwh Tr Ywz
268300036SPRG, Extension
2752105000Plate, Swing-Assembly

Gear Case – 24 Inch

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1263000Shaft, Rake - 24In. | (.750 Dia)
2607000Worm, Gear | Only Available As Shaft And Gear Kit 52003400
34276800Gear, Case Compact Machined
44277000Thrust, Collar .75In. Id Slipfit
54280251Cover, Top Compact Iron
64282400GSKT, Top Compact Gearcase
74302800Cover, Gear Case 1.50In.
84323600Cover, Gear Case 1.50In.
94332300Shaft, Worm | Only Available As Shaft And Gear Kit 52003400
105501020BSHG, Flg .755 X .878 X .75 X 1.25
115501106BSHG, Flanged .755X.878X.424X1.25
125501107BSHG, Flanged Compact, Right
135501108BSHG, Flanged .503X1.303X.62X1.465
145600508Seal, Oil .748 X 1.300 X .250
155600509Seal, Oil
165700212Rg-Rtng-Int 1.500X.050
175800207Pin, Str .188 X 1.00 6150
185901510Bolt, Sems - .25-20X.50 Gr5 YWZC
196400912Wshr-Fl-Stl, .760 X 1.225 X .032 Yz
206400920Washer-Flat-Stl, Seal
216609300Key, Wdrf .19X.63 Hrd #61
227400110@, Scr -Rolok .38-16X.50 Hwh Ywzc
235600509Seal, Oil .748 X 1.125 X .312
2452004400Gear Case Assembly | (Includes All Items On Page)
2568800L3 8Oz | (8Oz Bottle)


IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1597451Handlebar, Lower Compact
24310100Block, Clutch Handle
34310451Wldmt, Clutch Handle - LH
44310551Wldmt, Clutch Handle - RH
54318351Handlebar, Upper - RH
64318451Handlebar, Upper - LH
74320400BRKT, Interlock Arm
84320500Rod, Pivot - Interlock
94321500Rod, Paddle Mount - Long
104321600Rod, Paddle Mount - Short
114322100Cam, Interlock
125500020BSHG, Polyliner-.38 Snapin
136209300BLT, Rdhdxlsqnk .25-20X2.0 G5YZ
146221600BLT-Rdhdsqnk .31-18X2.25 G5 Y
156437300WSHR-Fl-Stl.281X.62X.065 YWZC
166543500Nut, Lk-Top-Flg .25-20 YWZC
176545400Nut-Lk-Nyl-Flg .31-18 YWZC
186701900Nut-Lk-Nyl-Flg .31-18 YWZC
196714500Pin, Spring Clip
206900438Cable, Auger & Upper Traction
217028500BLT-Serhfwh .38-16X.75 YWZC
227400034SCR-Tap .25-20X.50 Hwh Tr YWZ
237500005SPCR, Handlebar
247500103Strip, Edge - Clutch Handle
257500239Grip, Handle
268300527SPRG, Extension
278337000SPRG, Extension

Housing – 24 Inch

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1170200Device, Snow Clean Out
2170300Mount, Snow Clean Out
32483859Shoe, Skid - Reversible
43884459Blade, Scr -24In. Compact
56200004BLT-Rhdssqnk .38-16X.75 G5Yz
66200209BLT, Rdhdsqshk Modified .31-18 X .62 Yz
76435700WSHR-Fl-Stl.38X.875X.083 YWZC
86529600Nut-Lk-Ctr .38-16 YWZC
96543100Nut, Lk-Top-Flg .312-18 YWZC
106800028RVT-Pop .187X.250 (#64) YWZC | (#64) YWZC
117411500SCR-Tap .31-18X.50 Hwh Tr YWZ
1252002600Housing, Blower - 24In. With Decal
137001612Nut, Threaded Insert .38-16

Wheels And Axle

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1657800Spur, Gear 54T .75Id X 6.75Pd
23881800Axle, Wheel
35500101BSHG, .75 X 1.25 X .65
45500140BSHG, Slv .766X1.125X.500
55500917BSHG, Slv .75 X 1.12 X 1.062 X Nyl Bk
65800300Pin-Roll .188X1.25
76441400WSHR-Fl-Stl .754X1.125X.062 YWZC
86601200Key, Wdrf .25X.750X.313 Sae91
97053700Pin, Lock .31X1.75
107101123Tire/Wheel-Rh 15X5.00-6 Pin T2
117101124Tire/Wheel-Lh 15X5.00-6 Pin T2
127400034SCR-Tap .25-20X.50 Hwh Tr YWZ
137156400Tube | Service Part
147100726Tire 15 X 5.00-6 K478 | Service Part